Proven method for student to get job at Target in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of employment, students seeking a job at Target in 2023 are presented with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Target, a retail giant, offers a diverse range of positions, making it an attractive prospect for those embarking on their career journey. However, navigating the application process and standing out in a competitive job market requires a proven strategy. In this blog, we’ll unveil a reliable method to help students secure a job at Target in 2023, covering everything from crafting an impressive resume to acing the interview, ensuring your path to success is well-guided and achievable.

1. Jobs at Target for students in 2023

1. Jobs at Target for students in 2023

If you’re a student searching for a job at Target in 2023, here are some positions to consider:

  • Checkout Operator/Attendant: In this role, you’ll be the friendly face at the checkout, helping customers with their purchases. No previous experience is needed, but you should be comfortable handling cash and ensuring shopping rules are followed.
  • Shop Assistant: Target’s shop assistants are like all-around helpers. You’ll assist customers, keep the store neat, restock shelves, do bag checks, and take part in stock counts. No experience is necessary, but being friendly and approachable is essential for a great customer experience.
  • Store person: If you prefer working behind the scenes, store persons handle deliveries and shipments using a computerized system. You won’t interact with customers directly. Attention to detail and decent physical fitness, including the ability to lift heavy items, might be necessary. Some stores may require a forklift license.
  • Stock Filler: Stock fillers are responsible for keeping store shelves clean, organized, and well-stocked. You’ll follow the guidance of a fill leader for restocking tasks. No specific qualifications are needed, but being physically fit, observant, and flexible with early or late shifts can be a plus. There might be some occasional after-hours work.
  • Cleaner: Cleaners play a vital role in keeping the store clean and ready for daily business. This role may involve working after hours or be part of shop assistants’ responsibilities. Being fit and detail-oriented are valuable qualities for this job.

These Target positions provide students with opportunities to gain work experience, earn income, and contribute to the store’s smooth operation.

2. Internship program for students at Target in 2023

Internship program for students at Target in 2023

For students looking to explore internship opportunities at Target in 2023, here’s what’s on offer:

  • Software Engineering Internship: This is a full-time internship that spans 8-10 weeks, running from June to August. You’ll collaborate with top tech experts in retail, working on coding and developing new tools to enhance the shopping experience for Target customers and shaping the future of retail.
  • Associate Buyer Internship: Another full-time internship, lasting 8-10 weeks from June to August. Here, you’ll dive into the world of merchandise, learning how to create an exceptional shopping experience. Gain skills in assortment analysis and vendor relationships.
  • Operations Manager Internship: This full-time internship also runs for 8-10 weeks during June to August. It focuses on developing leadership skills to lead and motivate teams, tackle global management challenges, and improve Target’s supply chain efficiency.
  • Store Executive Team Leader Internship: A full-time internship over 8-10 weeks, happening from June to August. Gain insights into leadership within Target stores, emphasizing guest experience and enhancing store performance.
  • Financial Analyst Development Internship: Another full-time internship lasting 8-10 weeks, from June to August. You’ll play a crucial role in implementing strategies that contribute to Target’s outstanding shopping experience, providing analyses and recommendations in various areas.
  • Inventory Analyst Internship: This is a full-time internship also spanning 8-10 weeks, taking place from June to August. Explore how Target delivers products to customers while gaining insights into managing business relationships with global vendor partners.
  • Marketing Associate Internship: A full-time internship, lasting 8-10 weeks from June to August, involves experiencing the creation of Target’s brand through campaigns, creative studios, merchandising, and media outlets.
  • Space and Presentation Business Partner Internship: This internship, lasting 8-10 weeks during June to August, focuses on improving how Target presents products to customers. Enhance your financial, analytical, and communication skills and collaborate to enhance the in-store experience.
  • Assets Protection Internship: This full-time internship spanning 8-10 weeks is from June to August. It involves ensuring safety and security for Target’s team members and customers, contributing to a safe culture.

These internships and entry-level programs provide excellent learning opportunities for students at Target in 2023.

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3. Proven method for student to get job at Target

If you’re a student looking to secure a job at Target, there are some tried-and-true methods to boost your chances:

  • Submit Your Application: You can apply either online or by visiting a Target store and submitting your application and resume.
  • Complete Assessments: Depending on the position and location, you might need to complete pre-screening assessments or recorded video interviews.
  • Flexibility is Key: Target often requires weekend availability and the flexibility to work between 15-40 hours per week, so be prepared for that.
  • Visit the Store: It’s a good idea to go to the store in person and have a chat with guest services or a team lead to learn about upcoming openings and requirements.
  • Consider Seasonal Work: Starting as a seasonal employee can be a smart move, as Target typically hires seasonal employees in September and regular employees in March/April.
  • Show Your Value: Having relevant experience, a positive attitude, and strong community ties can set you apart.
  • Prepare for the Interview: Research the company and practice answering behavioral questions to ace your interview.
  • Follow Up: After the interview, send a thank-you note or email to express your appreciation.

These steps can increase your chances of landing a job at Target, a popular retail destination.

4. Benefits of working at Target as students

Working at Target as a student in 2023 comes with several advantages:

  1. Great Pay: Target offers competitive hourly wages, which is excellent for students looking to earn money while studying.
  2. Flexible Hours: You can enjoy flexible work schedules and reduced hours if you’re a full-time employee, making it easier to balance work and studies.
  3. Education Support: Target’s Dream to Be program provides tuition-free options for skill-building at various schools, helping students enhance their education while working.
  4. Discounts: Target offers team member discounts on merchandise, including wellness products, allowing students to save on everyday essentials.
  5. Health Benefits: Students can access Target’s health and insurance offerings, ensuring they have access to essential healthcare services.
  6. Career Growth: Target provides opportunities for career development, making it valuable for students who want to gain experience and build a long-term career.

These perks make working at Target an attractive option for students in 2023. If you’re interested in joining the Target team, you can explore job listings and apply on their careers website.

5. Requirement for students to work at Target

To work at Target, you usually need to be at least 16 years old for most store positions and 18 years old for jobs in distribution centers. However, keep in mind that some roles or locations might have different age requirements. For instance, jobs in the pharmacy area may require you to be 18 or older due to specific rules. Additionally, you’ll have to show that you’re legally allowed to work in the United States.


In conclusion, Target has numerous opportunities for students in 2023, offering a variety of job roles to match different interests and schedules. Whether you’re seeking part-time or seasonal work as a cashier, sales associate, or warehouse worker, or aiming for internships and entry-level programs to start your career, Target has options for you.

They provide competitive pay, flexible schedules, education support, employee discounts, and room for career growth, making it an appealing choice for students looking to earn while they study. To apply, just visit Target’s official careers website, select the job that suits you, and follow the application process as explained in this guide. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of one of the world’s leading retail companies and gain valuable experience along the way.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q1: What types of student jobs are available at Target in 2023?
  • A1: Target offers student jobs like cashier, sales associate, team leader, warehouse worker, and various internship roles.
  • Q2: How can I apply for a job at Target as a student?
  • A2: Apply through Target’s careers website, choose your desired job, create or log in to your account, complete the application, and follow our guide for detailed instructions.
  • Q3: What is the average pay at Target?
  • A3: On average, Target workers earn around $19.64 per hour, but pay varies based on factors like age and experience.
  • Q4: What are the perks of working at Target as a student?
  • A4: Target provides competitive pay, flexible schedules, education support, employee discounts, health benefits, and career development opportunities.
  • Q5: What’s the minimum age to work at Target?
  • A5: Most store jobs require you to be at least 16, while distribution center roles usually require you to be 18, but age requirements can vary.
  • Q6: Are there student internship opportunities at Target?
  • A6: Yes, Target offers various internship roles across different fields for students to gain valuable experience.

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